The Value of Soil Sampling, Characterization, and Disposal Services

Choosing Soil Sampling Services for Your Clean-Up Project

If you’re looking to sell or purchase a property, or you’ve acquired a property with a history of hazardous materials incidents such as spills or releases, it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to protect the environment and public health. You can ensure that you’re managing and mitigating all relevant environmental risks by enacting remediation programs at your site.

There are many advantages to working with a third-party environmental services firm, like Vision Environmental, for your remediation needs. Keep reading to learn the benefits of choosing us for your soil sampling, characterization, and disposal services.

When Soil Sampling, Treatment, and Disposal Are Needed

Site remediation includes any process for removing contaminated soil, sediment, surface water, or groundwater, to lessen the impact on public health and the environment. A contaminated site, whether it’s an operative manufacturing plant or a property you’re looking to buy or sell, can have a serious impact on a community’s health, water supplies, and ecosystems. This is why many regulations have been enacted to combat contamination issues.

It’s important to note that soil disposal is an essential remediation process for sites where hazardous materials have contaminated soil. This contamination can result from spillage, burying materials in the soil, or unrelated spills or releases (for example, through nearby smoke or water). Soil contamination is a dangerous environmental threat and must be handled promptly by professionals.

How Contaminated Soil is Handled

Suppose your business, facility, or property has experienced soil contamination on-site. In that case, an environmental services firm can help you excavate contaminated soil from the ground and either treat it or properly dispose of it before adding new pre-tested topsoil. The firm may also opt to treat the contaminated soil (by flushing contaminants out using water, destroying them via incineration, adding natural organisms to break them down, or adding materials to encapsulate them), contain the soil in place so contamination does not spread, or blend contaminated soil with fresh, clean soil to reduce contaminant concentration and meet acceptable pollutant levels.

Always seek professional advice before attempting any remediation program at your site.

Discover Soil Sampling and Disposal Services from Vision Environmental

As a full-service waste compliance services firm, Vision Environmental can provide you with a range of environmental solutions. From remediation projects like soil sampling and disposal to hazardous waste disposal and health & safety compliance services, we are properly equipped to handle any environmental project at your site—no matter what your business needs may be. Discover why New York and New Jersey property developers, land owners, and engineers trust us for their soil sampling, treatment, and disposal needs. Contact us today to learn how Vision Environmental can assist you with your environmental concerns!